Street Day Appeal

Early Morning Collection at Wellington Train Station

Friday September 2nd saw 100 of our brave collectors face the public on the streets of Wellington to collect money to support our youth programmes. The cold  and blustery morning began at 0645 at Wellington Railway station where collectors and commuters shivered and struggled against the Wellington wind. When all seemed impossible a magnificent, colourful rainbow filled the sky and gave us all hope for the day. We managed to raise $7,000 – THANK YOU to all our supporters. The total was a little down on last year and we now wait on the generous cheques of those that didn’t have cash in their pockets and assured us that they would make a deposit in our bank account.

Challenge supporters Eddie and Cecily collecting on Lambton Quay

At our staff debrief on Friday night many stories were told of generous givers and people who gave a little because they had experienced personal or family struggles with children and young people themselves. Stories were also shared of those who walked passed, averted their eyes or made rude comments about the number of collections that occur on Wellington Streets. The more intellectual of our collectors reflected on the sociological and philosophical issues relating to the redistribution of wealth in our community and how we do all need to do our bit to ensure that our children and young people can grow and fully participate in our society.


Challenge 2000 Supports Gary and Wendy collecting on Johnsonville Road


Overall, we are really grateful to the people of Wellington who do understand that it takes a city to raise a child and build a positive and functioning country.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference, for bringing our young people hope and for sharing what you have.

Challenge 2000 Team!