Thanks for our new van!

50% of our young people participating in our programmes do not have access to private transport  or enough money to pay for public transport. Others are not safe to travel and need to be collected from home or their care givers place. Our camps and youth development programmes also need a van or two to transport participants – not to mention our sports, cultural and drama teams!!!

So thank you to those that have helped us to get another van!!!


Helping us to help others:

My name is Manu I’m 21 years of age and have been a full time employee at Challenge 2000 for a few years. My role at C2K is not only a youth worker but someone who helps out on work projects. We as a team try to raise funds for C2K by doing jobs for others, but we also give a lending hand when needed such as mowing lawns, removing rubbish or just odd jobs for people that can’t do some things for themselves. We do a large range of work from tree work to building decks and retaining walls.  I also help out at camps and do some sports and recreational activities with young people. All this is impossible without wheels – Thank you!!.