Youth Justice Camp – August 2015

DSC_0008In August we headed off on another week long, Youth Justice camp. The group included two young men, 3 staff and 2 gap year students. This camp took us on a journey of self-discovery, thinking about who we are, what’s important to us and who we want to be in the future.

The camp allowed everyone to try new things, explore and develop their thinking and be involved in things we wouldn’t normally do. It also allowed for the group to explore and discover new and different parts of New Zealand and visit places that reminded the young men of many special stories and memories. Along with this the young people were exposed to a range of pro social activities and exercises including bungee swing, white water rafting, cooking and bone carving.

Throughout our camp journey many laughs, stories and memories were created and it was great to watch the two young men explore who they are and who they want to be.

With the experiences and relationships built during camp we look forward to watching the boys continue to grow at Challenge 2000, with their whanau and in their own communities.CS Camp Aug 2015 (2)

Youth Justice Camp

From the 24th-28th February Challenge 2000 took a Youth Justice Camp away. The group included two young men referred from the Lower Hutt Youth Court, two youth leaders and three staff.

For our two young men the focus of the camp was to develop empathy and self-esteem. The camp hoped to broaden the horizons of these young men and expose them to a range of pro social activities and exercises including camping, abseiling, fishing, white water rafting, hiking and woodworking. These activities along with a number of therapeutic exercises provided a wide range of physical and emotional challenges.

This was an amazing week for all involved and we were spoilt with beautiful whether as we travelled through the Wairarapa to Taupo and down the Kapiti Coast. It was great to see our young men growing in confidence, including our two youth leaders continuing to build their knowledge and skills in order to support others in future.




Blindfold Walk


Fishing exhibition

Supported Bail

Our Supported Bail programme continues to plant the seeds of change in the lives of young people who are involved in the Youth Justice system.   We have seen huge transformation occur during this six week programme, with young people successfully completing the programme and complying with their bail conditions.  It’s a privilege to see the young people starting to walk tall and hold their heads high, knowing that they can be proud of the choices they are making.  It’s not always a straightforward journey but the young people gain some skills and knowledge to help them as they transition into the next stage of their lives.

The Police Youth Aid and CYF Youth Justice teams that we work alongside, are committed to supporting young people to accept responsibility for their actions and to make changes in their lives.  It’s great to be part of such professional and committed team.One member of the Police with whom we work recently wrote this: “We have been fortunate to be able to use the services of Challenge 2000 for the past two years. They have been instrumental in reducing the offending rates of our high risk youth in our area and  I have been impressed by the way they handle their young people. They have made a positive impact on every one of the young people they have taken on and their families”.

Heath Hutton and our Youth Team are doing a great job.  Heath’s experience, energy and vision for the programme and his heart for the young people is evident and he is also committed to doing better and better with this programme.

This year we also have a variety of other Fresh Start youth justice services including the Amorangi programme, court-supervised camps and mentoring.

For information about our other Youth Justice services please contact

Bridget Roche on 477 6827

Heath Hutton on 478 4573 or