Welcome New Gap Students

On Tuesday 18th  and Friday 21st February six new faces were welcomed to Challenge 2000 to take on a big adventure for 2014.

Challenge 2000 hosted a powhiri to officially welcome Junior, Moriah, Taylor, Vaga and Tala as part of the Challenge and Marist whanau and then on Friday we welcomed Leah to the Gap Year Programme. These Six have chosen to live a year dedicated to service, justice, challenges and growth. We are very happy to have them here and look forward to walking alongside them on their individual and group journeys! Already they’re off on Court Supervised Camps, up in Hawkes Bay to help Luke and Manisha, giving a helping hand at L’arche and developing as trainee youth workers around Challenge. A huge thanks to Jacob Wilkins-Hodges and Fr Paul Martin for your words of welcome.
Keep an eye here to find out what more unfolds for the ‘Gappies’ in 2014.
Gap Powhiri
Gap Powhiri 2Gap Powhiri 1

Court Supervised Camp

Challenge 2000 provide the Court Supervised Camp Programme as part of our Fresh Start Services.

The Camps this year have been a great success – our young people have enjoyed their experiences in the Great Outdoors. There they have been challenged to discover who they are and what life choices they need to make. Awareness of self, others and the responsibilities of being a citizen of Aotearoa New Zealand is developed while sitting around a camp fire, doing a weka walk, kayaking down a river, working to help others and living simply – away from the pressures of city life.

Our last Camp departed on December 5 and was be led by Heath Hutton, Steve Tamarapa and Manu Maihi-Ioane. These staff members have continued to mentor and support the young participants as they transferred the achievements of the Court Supervised Camp back into their home lives. This aspect is a contributor to the success of the Camp –its a seamless community based service.

Any referrals you’d like to make for this camp or any future camp please contact us on 477 6827 and speak with either Bridget Roche or Heath Hutton.