Sports Holiday Programme

On a beautiful sunny day in the second week of the school holidays a sports Holiday programme was offered for our energetic young people. The action packed day attracted a variety of young people from all over Wellington who came together to make the most of both the holidays and the fantastic weather.

The day began down at Johnsonville Community centre where we competed against each other in a series of fun games such as magazine hockey, bang, jockeys up and fruit salad – so that everyone could get to know each other and bond- with some friendly competition of course!

While everyone was enjoying the games and activities many hands were hard at work preparing a BBQ lunch back at Challenge. With the sun out and the feast prepared everyone used the time to relax, get some sun, eat, and enjoy the good company.

Refreshed and with full stomachs we filled the cars and the vans and made our way to ASB sporting arena for a game of ki-o-rahi. Ki-o-rahi is a traditional Maori game a mix between rugby, touch and handball.

This was for many a new experience but was quickly picked up as the stakes were raised and a small tournament was started. With the title on the line some great team work and skills were displayed by all of the teams.

With the final whistle blown for ki-o-rahi the action packed day came to a close and everyone headed home taking with them some great memories and new friends.

Challenge Holiday Programme

These holidays we have had all sorts of activities on around Porirua and Wellington and fortunately the weather has been absolutely positively fantastic!!

Working out some puzzles!

The days have included activities like dodge ball, ki o rahi at the ASB Sports Centre, swimming at Keith Spry, clearing sections in Thorndon to help other people, having input on health and wellness, visiting up the Coast and having meetings with some families.

As always finishing off with karakia, a BBQ and a shared meal has been a great end to the holiday programmes.  Check out the photos below!

Remember to find out more about our Christmas Holiday Programmes so that you can be involved!  Don’t miss out!!


Relaxing and having lunch!


Smile for the camera! What a glorious day


Warming up for the competition!


The competition was fierce!!

Clean up your act!

Respect is a core value at Challenge 2000! We try to teach it to others and to live it ourselves.

On Saturday 6 August 2011 we led a clean up effort in Johnsonville that saw over 50 bags of rubbish collected.

The brisk morning couldn’t keep us away or dampen the enthusiasm of those participating. Under bushes, mowed into lawns, clogging gutters and around the railway line – there was no effort spared.

Thanks to all those that joined in and supported the effort including WCC Councillors Justin Lester and Helene Ritchie who were both cleaning machines, NZ Police’s finest Matthew Boyce, and Katrina Shanks MP. Thanks also to WCC Councillor Ngaire Best for helping with planning and preparation and a big shout out to Sid Keelan and all other WCC staff that supported the removal of all that rubbish.

The morning ended with a BBQ put on with the support of local hero Bob Shennan.

50 bags is just a start, there is much more work to be done in keeping our community looking and feeling absolutely positively good. Most importantly we need to build and support people in the community that respect others, respect themselves, and respect this place.

We’d like this to become an annual event so watch this space for more!