Gap Year 2018


Gap Year 2018


Since 2007 the Society of Mary and Challenge 2000 have offered a full time GAP YEAR programme based in Wellington. Every year 8 young people have accepted the Challenge to say “YES” and spend a year developing and serving others. Participants have usually completed Year 13 and want to gain additional formation and life experience before choosing future careers. Occasionally we accept a young person who wants to take “time out” from University or work to discern their future vocation.

The aims of the GAP YEAR are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for young people to search for and discover the purpose and meaning of their lives.
  • Provide a formation and developmental programme that focuses on the holistic development of young people and challenges them to be their best selves.
  • Develop leadership and citizenship values and abilities and a range of life skills so that both in the present and in the future these young people are able to lead and serve their communities and church.
  • Offer a community experience where young people can deepen their sense of social justice together and translate it into action.
  • Provide an opportunity where young people can learn about, explore and practice the respective charisms of the Society of Mary and Challenge 2000 in a real and demanding way.
  • Offer young people a positive opportunity to serve and to gain life and employment experience.

During the GAP YEAR programme the participants work at Challenge 2000, Marist projects, Colleges or other community organisations and groups for three days per week. The other two days they receive theoretical and experiential training. They also have a one- month pastoral placement towards the end of the year. Placements in the last 9 years have included the Island of Wallis, Davao in the Philippines, Chanel College in Apia, Hiruharama, L’Arche, Napier, Toluca in Mexico, Dunedin, LOGOS Auckland, Okaihau, Palmerston North, Haast and many other places.

72 young people from throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and 2 from Marist Atlanta and 1 from Toluca have benefited from this great opportunity.

If you know of any young men or women who would benefit from such an opportunity please contact Challenge 2000.