Multi Agency Support Services in Secondary Schools

The MASSiSS initiative provides school-based Social Workers to assist Young People within secondary schools.
MASSiSS is aimed at the holistic personal development of College students, particularly in the area of health, education, community participation and welfare.

Challenge 2000 has Social Workers at Aotea, Bishop Viard, Mana, Porirua, Naenae and Taita Colleges. Fa’afetai, Sue, Manisha and Jan enjoy working with the College students and their families to provide a wide range of interventions to enhance the achievement and well being of their amazing students.

Attendance improvement, academic success, sporting representation, cultural excellence and community participation and leadership are just some outcomes of their intervention.

They also help facilitate the "Mates&Dates" programme together with the ACC to prevent sexual violence and abuse, as well as weekly Lunch&Breakfast Clubs, or offer Holiday Programmes, mentoring, weekend camps, group work and support cultural festivals and whanau events wherever possible.

Challenge 2000 is proud to be associated with these awesome Colleges.

The MASSiSS service is:

  • aimed at promoting the wellbeing and safety of young people;
  • family/whanau inclusive (if requested by the young person);
  • community orientated and builds on the strengths of the local community;
  • committed to building on the young persons strengths;
  • culturally sensitive and responsive; and
  • early intervention and prevention focused

Aotea College

In August 2017, I started working as the Challenge 2000 Social Worker at Aotea College where I had been working as a Youth Worker, since 2008.

Aotea College is a college with a strong multicultural flavour, and the support needed by the students and whanau is just as diverse. I have a youth-friendly office within the school, and the students know they are always welcome, as ultimately it is their space. I work very closely with the Wellbeing and Pastoral Department within the college; the Guidance Counsellors, the Doctor, the Nurse, the Physiotherapist, the Drug and Alcohol Counsellor as well as the Senior Leadership Team. This ensures we are all working collaboratively for the benefit of the students.

I run the Breakfast Club, support students with fundraising events such as the World Vision 40 Hour Famine and Pink Ribbon Breakfast, specialised Holiday Programmes, 1:1 mentoring, support students in Alternative Education, and I am on the Student Hardship Committee. One particular project that I have been involved in, that I am especially proud of, is the Student Wellbeing Bubble. This is an anti-bullying, suicide prevention tool that the Student Wellbeing Team at Aotea College co-constructed in partnership with staff, for students.

I facilitate the Travellers Programme, which is targeted at Year 9’s, to help with the huge transitional process many face moving from Primary to Secondary school. I also take referrals from both students and staff to work more personally and intensively with students and their whanau. When I receive a referral, I come alongside the student/whanau, with their permission, to help them set any specific goals they may have, and work on a plan so they can achieve their goals. I offer holistic support, based on the Te Whare Tapa Wha model, and I am able to access many of the agencies available in the local community.

I cherish the relationships I build with students and their whanau, and I find working alongside them so richly rewarding.
It is safe to say I love my job!
Kerry Burton, Social Worker

Porirua College

Here at Porirua College I have the privilege of working alongside some amazing and talented students who at times require social support and back up to achieve their dreams and goals.

Porirua College has a great Pastoral Team that consists of myself, the Challenge 2000 Social Worker, the School Counsellor, the School Nurse, HOD Learning Support and a Community Liaison Officer. We are all student focussed, very whanau centred and are a restorative school that works to put things right.

Networking is an important part of my job here. Getting out into the community building relationships, identifying gaps and working out opportunities for my students can be a big part of my week. We work with outside community and/or Government agencies to share knowledge and care so support can be provided to our young people and whanau to be the best that they can be.

One of the agencies we strongly work alongside are Waitangirua Youth Aid Officers. The school have a strong and positive working relationship with the Youth Aid Officers, who not just offer up advice but also support some of our troubled young people. The Officers also advocate on behalf of our students recommending they participate in programmes that would assist with their ability to make positive decisions in life.

Working as a Social Worker for Challenge 2000 in this supportive College environment is fantastic and I count it as an absolute honour and privilege to be doing something I love!
Sue Jones, Social Worker

Mana College

It has been a busy and exciting time at Mana College, with lots happening in our Hau Ora space.
Particular projects have included:

– Pink Shirt day as part of our Anti bullying campaign. After discussions, input and reflection, students and staff were invited to paint their hand pink and make a large wall hanging to show their support and commitment to stopping bullying. The day was a great success with most students and staff participating.

– 20 students also attended a three day workshop in partnership with Partner’s Porirua to partake in the Caltex driving course. At the end of the three days the students sat their learner licence. Four of the students were financially sponsored by Challenge 2000 and all four students are now proud owners of their learner licence. This success is an investment in their future success ….. well done!!

– Challenge 2000 staff members and volunteers come to Mana College for three days a week to be with the students and provide toast therapy, cooking lessons and nutritional information. Mana College has been provided with Sanitarium Weet-Bix and Anchor milk for breakfast. A great example of corporate sponsorship and community hands at work to make a difference.

Coming up:

– We have a senior boys group to strengthen and motivate our older students to make positive and challenging career dreams come true. This will include individual pathways and working out what they need to achieve.

– A senior girls camp is also planned for the next holidays. This three day camp will focus on providing experiences that stretch the young women, expose them to different places and introduce them to other women who are role models – heroines to aspire to be like.

If you would like to support any of these Mana Challenge 2000 initiatives then contact: for further information.
It takes a country to develop it’s rangatahi for the future!
Jan Love, Social Worker

Naenae & Taita College

.... Info coming soon...

Te Ahi Kaa

On this programme, we are creating and providing a safe place by supporting students transitioning from Year 8 to Year 9, new enrolments and returning students from Alternative Education into mainstream education (Porirua College) using the Challenge 2000 mentoring framework.
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