What whanau means for us


Challenge 2000 works with over 350 families a year.
We work in partnership with other organisations and families to strengthen parental relationships, enhance well-being and grow well, happy children who can and will thrive at home and school.

At the moment poverty and serious financial stress are two of the greatest challenges facing families. Unemployment and under employment are real obstacles to families being able to afford even the basic necessities of life. Most of our struggling families work hard to manage their meagre income. A sudden difficulty like a large power bill during a hard winter or a very sick income earning parent without sick leave, results in a pile up of debt and going without. Going without – food, milk, money, warm clothes, shoes, books, electricity, family contact. Both the adults and children suffer.

Fortunately Challenge 2000 has many individuals and more well off families and businesses who sponsor our work or provide their “extra” to our families.


Please help us to make a difference. Lynley, our Family Counsellor, and Jude, our Community Worker, suggest that today you:

  • Sponsor a baby or infant for nappies or formula
  • Donate money for meat and fresh vegetables – canned food is not always that healthy
  • Give petrol vouchers so our staff can transport families
  • Offer to make meals for mums
  • Buy bus tickets and train tickets so travel to family or appointments are possible
  • Most of our families do not have access to technology i.e. computers or the internet – donate used “good” computers and maybe pay for broadband or modems so children can do their homework
All families experience tough times – crisis, abuse, separation and other life stressors. As a family worker for Challenge 2000 this has meant supporting women and children when they leave abusive relationships and support them to adjust to a new life, helping families work through terminal illness and cope with grief and loss and helping families deal with the damaging effects of alcohol and drugs. At Challenge 2000, we often hold hope for people as they walk towards healing and rediscover their own strengths and giftedness. I am constantly amazed at people’s courage, strength and resilience. Your support helps us with this work and for this I am grateful.


It is heart breaking to see how little some families actually have. Too often I visit places where the cupboards are empty and the little ones are filling up on bread and noodles for breakfast and dinner. What there is a lot of though, is love and that helps get them through.

Sr. Judith

Your generosity keeps us all going.

Thanks to all those families who generously sponsor other families.