Our contribution to the community

Community Participation

Challenge 2000 has many volunteers who join in and contribute to a wide range and number of programmes. Their mahi aroha makes our world go around. There are many different ways to get involved in who we are and what we do.

This includes:

  • Promoting our work and praying for our people
  • Donating dollars or food, clothes, cars, baby gear, trailers, weed eaters, sports gear
  • Answering phones, filing and doing admin
  • Tutoring or coaching from school work to baking to driving a car to sewing to brain surgery…(na just joking!!)
  • Facilitating any of our youth programmes
  • Teaching Te Reo or kapa haka
  • Driving or collecting young people or mums so they can get to appointments
  • Writing research papers or evalauationg our programmes
  • Leading our outdoor programmes or providing one-off input on specialist areas
  • Using your professional skills eg legal, accounting, technology, word processing, publishing to make our life easier and less expensive OR by supporting some of our famiies/clients
  • Inviting us to your training events or social opportunities
  • Sponsoring tickets to events – sporting – drama – orchestra – away trips…. anything that enables participation of those who are excluded from some of the WOW moments of life