Holiday Camp!

Junior, one of our amazing YWiSS Youth workers recalls…

In the first week of the School Holidays, 15 of us ventured up north based around Omori/ Kuratau for a 3 night camp. It was a good mix of boys, some from Colleges nearby, and others in our Youth Justice Programme.

The main kaupapa of the camp was for these young men to have fun and to mix with other students they would normally not interact with. It was also an opportunity to get these young men outside of Wellington and involved in some new experiences. For some of them, it was their first time outside of Wellington! 

On Thursday we headed up to Whakapapa Skifield where the boys had loads of fun with the snow. Some of them learnt the basics of how to ski, while others just enjoyed being in the snow, as for some this was their first time seeing it. We were also lucky enough to go up to the very top of Mt Ruapehu through the Sky waka (gondola). 

On Friday we had more of a gruelling activity. We went mountain biking through 17kms of the hills of Taupo and Huka falls. It was a good challenge for all of us!  Everyone did well and managed to complete the cycle. We finished off with a nice swim at the hot pools in Taupo before heading home. 

There were a few highlights of the trip. What stood out for me was throughout the trip the boys started to interact really well with each other. They all started to come out of their shell and open up with each other. This was really special to see! 

Thanks to Challenge for giving these young people the opportunity to get away from Wellington and to push themselves outside their comfort zone.