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Tonga Crossing 3
During the Christmas holidays four Challenge 2000 staff members along with four amazing young men from different Colleges and youth organisations around Wellington accepted the challenge to hike the Tongariro Alpine track. The trip was done over three days. With two nights camping out under the stars in Kuratau, Taupo and one full day hiking through the Tongariro Crossing.

These young men admitted that they were both physically and mentally challenged through the hike (especially “the Devil’s Staircase) but also said that the view from the top was well worth the 8 hour/20km hike. John* commented that “it was a great way to start the year doing something that hard and smashing it”!!

After completing the Crossing, the sense of perseverance and accomplishment was very clear to see in each of these young men’s faces. A very big thank you to all those who have contributed with donations of money and gear towards this trip. With this support it was possible for these young men to have had such a life changing experience.
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